How Bi-Fold Closet Doors Can Solve Five Common Bedroom and Closet Frustrations

If you are frustrated and annoyed with your bedroom closet, switching to bi-fold doors may be the answer. To help you decide if bi-fold doors are the right path for you, here is a look at five common bedroom and closet frustrations and an explanation of how bi-fold doors could help:

1. Your closet is too dark

If you don't have enough light in your closet, it can be impossible to figure out which shirt matches which trousers or to find an errant shoe in the back of the closet. This is a common problem of people who have sliding doors covering their bedroom closets. These doors always cover at least half of your closet, blocking out valuable light. If you replace sliding doors with bi-fold doors, however, you can throw open your closet doors and maximise the light coming in.

2. Your dirty clothes are making your closet smelly

If you store your dirty laundry basket in your closet, the odors can build up and make your closet smelly. Fortunately, bi-fold doors can be ordered in a style that allows odors to escape your closet. If you are tired of odors, check out louver doors. These bi-fold doors—like those from and other locations—can feature slats that ventilate and refresh your closet.

3. Your closet is boring

If you are tired of boring old closet doors, you can achieve a new look with bi-fold doors. Buy doors that feature reclaimed barn wood, stained glass or other interesting elements. Alternatively, consider buying white bi-fold doors and painting them your favourite shade of purple or green or cover a bi-fold door with fabric panels for an artistic effect.

4. You want your room to look bigger

In some cases, the right closet door can solve problems that aren't even directly related to the closet itself. If your room is too small, you could get rid of the closet to add more area, but that leaves you with no place to store your clothes. Instead, use your closet doors to amplify your space, and install bi-fold doors that feature mirrors on them. Alternatively, paint the closet doors a light colour to make the whole room feel bigger and brighter.

5. Your closet doors take up too much space

If you have closet doors that swing open, that can take up valuable space in your bedroom. If your closet is too close to the bedroom door, the closet doors can even hit your bedroom door. Save space by replacing swinging doors with bi-folding doors which don't stick out as far.


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