5 Reasons You Should Consider Getting A Ducted Vacuum

Since the invention of the ducted vacuum system in the late 19th century, ducted vacuums have only been gaining popularity. This increase in popularity is not without cause; ducted vacuums are now extremely efficient and cost-effective, making them now affordable and worth installing in most Australian households.

There are many reasons ducted vacuums are worth installing, here are a few of these reasons:

You Can Forget About Messing With Annoying Cords And Clumsy Canisters

To start vacuuming with a ducted vacuum system, you just have to lock a vacuuming tube to an inlet, and turn on the wonderful machine.

You won't have to untangle cords, or stretch them across your house to a power socket. You also won't have to worry about damaging your walls or furniture with the clumsy wrecking ball called a portable vacuum cleaner.

You'll Be Healthier

Most vacuums release dust and allergens back into you house while vacuuming, due to thin or aged filtration systems.

No recirculation of dust and other allergens will plague your house if you get a ducted vacuum, as all dust is sent directly to where you choose to place the main component (often in your garage). The ducted vacuum system can also be larger, as it doesn't need to be portable, and can therefore afford to have more complex dust filtration systems.

Your Dirt Will Be Automatically Categorised

Generally, portable vacuums have only a single compartment; if you suck something up, it will be hard and messy to find.

Ducted vacuum systems usually have two or more compartments for different sizes of sucked-up materials, which are designed to separate dirt from dust. Lost some earrings? No more searching through fine dust to find them; with a ducted vacuum system, they'll likely be in a compartment with similarly sized objects.

In addition, through not having to be transported, the main component of a ducted vacuum will also often have a much larger compartment for waste, so you won't have to empty it as often.

Your House Will Be Cleaner

Ducted vacuums are usually far more powerful than their transportable counterparts. This increase in power will not only save you time, but will also leave your house far cleaner.

You Can Vacuum More Quietly

With their main component often placed in a room like the garage, the noise pollution in living areas caused by ducted vacuums is much less than that of portable vacuums. Generally, the only noise ducted vacuums cause in living areas is the sound of dirt being sucked through the nozzle and perhaps a quieter humming from the main component through the walls.

For more information about these vacuums, contact a company like Premier Clean.

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