Surprising Advantages of Carpeting and Rugs

Today homeowners have a number of options when it comes to their flooring, but there are some great advantages to carpeting and rugs versus wood floorboards or tile floors. If you're trying to decide on the right type of flooring for your home whether for a remodel or for building a new house, consider some of those surprising advantages of carpeting and rugs.

1. Carpeting keeps your feet warm

Walking on bare floorboards or tile can be very uncomfortable during colder months as these don't hold or conduct heat. During winter months you're likely to feel even colder when you have a tile floor or wood floorboards, even if you wear socks or slippers, simply because you're walking on a cold floor. However, because carpets keep your feet warm your entire body will feel warmer and more comfortable during cold winter months and this is especially true if you have thick carpeting on your floors as these hold even more heat.

A carpeted room itself also feels warmer and more comfortable than one with wood floorboards or tile, as these are often considered cold and even a bit impersonal. To make your space feel warm and inviting, choose carpeting and rugs.

2. Carpeting can be a decorative element

Carpeting can add style to a room, if you choose a particular color or one with a decorative border or edge. This can make a room feel dressier or make the space feel more personalized. For a dining room you might opt for a shade of red as red brings in energy and looks rich and luxurious, and for a bedroom you might choose a soft shade of rose to make the space more relaxing. Borders are also eye-catching and these can make a space seem more handsome and more elegant, or simply more personal to you.

3. Carpets and rugs act as noise insulators

If you want to keep a room insulated against noise, installing a thick carpet can be the perfect solution. The fibers of a carpet absorb noise and keep it from traveling so the room itself is quieter and surrounding areas will also be protected from noise. This is something to consider especially for upstairs rooms so those who are downstairs won't need to hear footsteps or otherwise be bothered by the activity above them, and for kid's rooms where it might be extra noisy. For extra protection, add thick padding underneath the carpeting for even more noise absorption.

Consider these three benefits of carpeting, like that at Carpet Care Services Pty Ltd, over any other type of flooring. It can make your home warm and comfortable and even more inviting.  

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