Advice from Your Locksmith: How to Choose a Deadbolt Lock

There are some things you'd never find out if you wouldn't ask your locksmith, such as how to choose the best deadbolt lock. Deadbolt locks are a very effective tool at deterring burglary and keeping you safe, however, not all deadbolt locks are created equal.

How lock grades should influence your choice

There are three lock grades, aptly named 1, 2, and 3, grade 3 being the weakest, and 1 being the strongest. Ideally, when purchasing any type of deadbolt lock, you should aim for grade 2 or greater.

A grade 1 classification means that the lock has passed rigorous testing, indicating that the lock is fit for the job, can withstand several hammer strikes, and resists picking, prying, breaking, drilling and other forceful actions.

Grade 2 locks are also very sturdy and secure, but cheaper than grade 1. Grade 1 is usually reserved for businesses and deposits, and grade 2 is recommended for home use. You should choose according to your need for safety and your wallet size.

Make sure to also look at the deadbolt's UL rating, which indicates the Underwriter Laboratories grade for locks and can be found online when you search for your deadbolt lock's model. The strongest and most reliable dead bolts have a UL listing of 437.

Once you've found a deadbolt lock with the right grade and UL, you should ask yourself: single or double?

Single or double deadbolt locks?

A double cylinder deadbolt offers top security, and you must use a key to unlock it, both from the inside and outside. However, this means unlocking takes more time and it might offset family safety in an emergency, or pose troubles for younger family members.

A single cylinder deadbolt lock has a twist knob on one side and will need a key on the other. They pose a disadvantage if you have a glass door or windows near your door, because a burglar might smash the glass and turn the knob.

Single cylinders are best if you don't have windows or glass doors, otherwise a double cylinder would be the safest.

Size matters

You should make sure that the deadbolt lock you select has a throw of one inch or larger. A deadbolt lock's throw is the steel bolt/insert in the lock. Throw size refers to the length with which the bolt actually extends beyond the door's edge. The longer, the more difficult the deadbolt will be to pick.

You should also make sure the deadbolt has a steel strike plate (the "body" of the lock) with screws at a minimum of three inches long.

The right deadbolt lock will keep you and your family secure for years to come, so choose wisely. Consult with local experts like A.Abbott Locksmiths to find the right lock for your needs.

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