Packaging Tips For Packing Goods When Moving House

Many people find that at the end of a house move, some of their goods have been damaged during transit, or loose caps and tops have caused a spill. This can be quite frustrating, and can taint the relocating experience for a person. But, armed with the right tools and packaging, it is possible to safely and securely pack all of your goods without the prospect of damaging them. It is important to have the right material for packing, and this article looks at some of these materials. 

Saran Wrap

This transparent, paper like material is great for securing bottles of liquids. Gels, soaps and make up bottles can all be enveloped in the saran wrap, and the top is twisted and snipped to create a tight and protective seal. The seal should sit tight on the tops of the bottles, preventing the caps from working themselves free during transit. Saran wrap is available at supply stores, and is inexpensive to purchase.

Stretch Wrap

This material is great for securing and protecting bigger items, such as paintings or furniture. The wrap can be purchased, fairly inexpensively, in large rolls that come with a mount and grip handle for wrapping the material around items. This material will stretch and can be manipulated to cover awkward angles of bulky items, and will resist marks and scratches if accidentally scuffed while moving. The wrap is layered over the items, providing a thick and secure barrier.

Wrap Drawers

You can purchase a clear, film like material that can be pressed back upon itself to create a seal. This wrapping material - usually used to store sandwiches and other food – is ideal for securing the contents of drawers in place. Simply cover the contents of the drawer with the wrap, and press to seal. This will allow you to keep the contents in place as you move, and also decreases the amount of work you need to do, and the amount of space you require to move the items.

Freezer Bags And Labels

You can purchase freezer bags along with plain white labels to keep all of your screws and fittings safe and together. Many people simply put all of the screws together in a single bag, and can have problems figuring out which screws go where when unpacking. Take the time to separate the screws into separate freezer bags, and label them. Bags with 'kitchen table' or 'bedroom cabinet' labels will make it much easier to get your things organized and rebuilt in your new home.

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