Rent a Storage Locker and Prepare for the Apocalypse with These Five Essential Items

If you are worried about a Biblical or zombie-induced apocalypse or just want to be prepared in case climate changes bring down society, you need to start preparing now. If you don't have a concrete bunker or extra storage space on your own property, you can rent a storage unit and store your apocalyptic necessities there.

Here are five of the essentials you need:

1. Guns, ammo and a gun locker

You have no idea what the apocalypse will bring in terms of world order, and to assure your dominance, you need some guns. They will also be helpful for hunting. Buy a safe and make sure you follow all safety rules in terms of storing guns in a gun locker separate from your ammo. Also, talk with the storage facility's manager to ensure you are allowed to store firearms there.

2. Food and seeds

You cannot store perishable food items in your storage locker, but you can easily fill it full of canned goods. Ideally, you should try to stick with items that have lots of protein and are ready to eat such as tuna and beans.

Keep in mind that the food will not last forever, and put some seeds in your locker as well. That way, even if you have to run, you can grab some seeds and plant a garden when you get somewhere safer.

3. Water and a purification system

If basic services are shut down, you will need water. Idelly, you want about 3.8 litres of water per person per day. Store your water in metal containers, and make sure you have enough on hand to last for at least two weeks.

Have a water filtration system in your locker as well. That can become imperative if you need to purify river water once you run out of your existing supplies.

4. Vitamins

To keep yourself healthy in spite of a compromised food supply, make sure you have access to vitamins. Check the expiration dates on your vitamins, and change them as needed to ensure they are fresh when you need them.

5. A Padlock

Self storage lockers have built-in locks, and they often offer onsite security.However, in the unruly chaos of an apocalypse, anyone may try to open your locker. Buy a padlock that fits into the existing lock snugly. That way, it will reduce the chance that anyone can get a bolt cutter in the lock to cut it.

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