4 Must-Know Trends in Today's Office Fitouts

Commercial or office fitouts can be used to create workspaces for employees and direct foot traffic through your building. However, they can also create an overall look or feeling for your company, and function for you in ways you might not have imagined. Note a few trends that are popular today for office and commercial fitouts so you can see how they might be useful in your office, for creating a more productive and even a more attractive work environment.

1. Sound blockers

When shopping commercial fitouts, you might notice that some are made of plastic and some are made of thick, dense material. The thicker materials are usually used for sound blocking and absorption. This can be a great solution for an office that is busy with ringing phones, and for where workers need to have privacy to meet with visitors but cannot be given their own office.

2. Clear fitouts

Clear fitouts made of glass or plastic can keep your office open and contribute to a team environment or feeling. When a supervisor is in his or her office with the door closed, workers may hesitate to approach them. However, with clear walls that are open, a person can see that supervisor in their office and feel more comfortable about entering for a conversation.

3. Grow lights and plant shelves

Live plants can contribute to cleaner air in an office and also create a more relaxing atmosphere. They can be difficult to grow, however, when they're on a desk or in a corner without much light. Some fitouts may have grow lights along the top with actual slots used for live plants in the middle of the fitout itself. You can add potted plants very easily and ensure they stay healthy when you use these either at a front entrance or as divider walls between employee workspaces.

4. Color and style

A vibrant office can mean one that has more energy and in turn, a more productive staff. Artwork can accomplish this, but so can your commercial and office fitouts. Choose panels in bright and bold colours that work with your company's logo or brand. Opt for energy colours such as yellow or green, or something eye-catching in red. You might also choose very stylish fitouts, with metal inlays or a painted design. This will keep your office from looking overly industrial and bland and from making your employees feel bored and listless while on the job.

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