4 Interesting Facts About Double Glazing You Probably Didn't Know

Double glazing is a building material that we hear a lot about, especially nowadays as people try to make their homes more energy-efficient.  Unless you have been hiding under a rock somewhere, you will have received at least a dozen or more calls from double glazing salespeople; you may also have experienced them knocking at your front door.  As much as you may think you may know about double glazing, we have discovered some interesting facts about this that you probably didn't know.

It Was Invented Back In The 1930s

You'd be forgiven for thinking, like most people, that double glazing was a modern invention.  However, the fact is that it was invented back in the 1930s.  It took over 20 years for them to be available commercially in the US and UK.  Unless you were very wealthy back then, it is unlikely that you had doubled glazed windows in your home.  It started becoming a standard when modern homes were built featuring double glazing. 

Robbie Williams Sold Double Glazing Before Take That

As funny as it is, this is actually 100% true, we do actually mean the pop singer Robbie Williams.  Before he auditioned and landed a spot with Take That, Williams worked as a telephone and door-to-door double glazing salesman in his hometown Stoke-on-Trent.

There Are Benefits Beyond Conserving Energy And Saving Money

When you think of double glazing, you probably think of the money you can save and the energy you can conserve.  However, there are a lot more benefits to having double glazed windows than you may have previously thought.

As well as preventing the heat escaping, double glazing also prevents sound from the outside from entering your home.  This means that you do not have to listen to the noise and chatter of your neighbours when you are trying to relax in front of the television or enjoy a family meal.

They are also much easier to maintain than other types of windows.  This is great because it means you won't have to call a repairman out because a strong gust of wind broke a windowpane.

It Increases Your Homes Security

As double glazing features two panes of glass, it makes it much harder for thieves to break in and steal from you.  This is why people who have been burgled and want to prevent it happening again often install double glazed windows as a way to improve the security of their home and possessions.

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