Five Tips for Choosing Cushions to Pair With Your Outdoor Teak Furniture

Teak furniture is one of the strongest and most weather-resistant types of furniture you can put on your deck or patio. However, if you want to make this hardwood furniture a bit more comfortable, you may want to add cushions. While choosing cushions for your teak furniture, keep these ideas in mind:

1. Pair purple or orange with golden teak

When you first buy teak furniture, it features a warm gold colour. When choosing colours to match gold, think about the position of yellow on the colour wheel and the colours that surround it. For a startling contrast, choose purple cushions, as that colour is opposite yellow on the colour wheel.

Alternatively, complement the gold with cushions in warm shades of orange, the colour next to yellow on the colour wheel.

2. Plan for changes in colour

Before you settle definitively on cushions with orange or purple shades in them, keep in mind that your teak outdoor furniture may change colour over time. If you want your teak to stay golden, you need to sand it occasionally to remove blemishes and apply a teak cleaner and a protectant to it.

However, if you don't want to do that, that is fine. Without any care, your teak furniture will last, but as a reaction to the weather, it will turn a silvery patina.  

When buying your cushions, keep in mind that you may need to replace them in a year or so as your teak furniture develops its patina, or you need to choose cushions that will match the newly-developed colour of your teak furniture.

3. Use reds or neutral colours to bring out silver in the teak

If you are buying cushions to match silvery teak furniture, style experts suggest creating a contrast with bright red or cooling the area with neutral colours such as pale grey or cream. You can even opt for patterns that feature silver.

4. Play with patterns

Patterns on your outdoor cushions help to hide stains. That is ideal whether you are hosting kids eating frozen ice cream treats or adults sipping red wine. Either way, accidents happen.

In addition to choosing patterns for your teak furniture, look for cushions that can be easily spot cleaned or that feature covers that zip off for easy washing.

5. Opt for extra weather resistance

Teak furniture can last for years, regardless of how much outdoor exposure they get. For this reason, many people safely leave their teak furniture outside all year long instead of putting it in storage during the winter.

Because the teak furniture is so sturdy and you don't have to do anything to it, it can be easy to forget about the cushions you have on it as well. Because of that, you should pick the strongest, most weather-resistant cushions possible.

Look into the different teak furniture options offered by a company like The Teak Place to find furniture that will fit your style requirements.

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