How To Use Curtains As Stylish Room Dividers

Do you live in a small apartment or want to make more of a house with large rooms without the hassle or expense of a full-blown construction project?  Well, you can with a little basic DIY knowledge and skill.  Read on to find out how you can maximise the space you have in your home simply and cheaply by using net curtains as room dividers.

Curtains as 'walls'

Lightweight net curtains are ideal for use as dividing walls; for example in a bedroom you might want to set up a study area that's separate from the sleeping space.  Curtain dividers from companies like Aussie Curtain Call Interiors allow light in so that the space doesn't feel cramped; they're easily moveable and are simple to create.

Any flimsy, lightweight fabric is suitable for making curtain walls.  Use your flair and imagination to create a unique look anywhere in your home.

What you'll need

  • aircraft cable
  • turnbuckles
  • wire rope clips
  • standard screw-in hooks with anchor
  • electric drill
  • ready-made lightweight curtains

Aircraft cable is perfect for this job.  It's lightweight yet very strong so it doesn't sag under the weight of the curtain fabric, and its smooth plastic coating means that you can draw the curtains easily across it.  You can buy all the items you need in large DIY stores.  It's a good idea to ask the store to cut the cable to length for you, unless you have a cable cutter tool at home.

How to do it

  1. Decide where you want the curtain divider to hang and measure the distance across the room from wall to wall.  
  2. Measure the height at which you want the curtain to hang from the ground up, and mark one hole for each anchor hook on either wall.  
  3. Drill the holes, push the anchors in, and screw the hooks into place.  
  4. Take the cable and make a loop at one end.  Secure the loop with a wire rope clip.  
  5. Expand a turnbuckle and attach it to the other hook.  
  6. Now stretch the cable out to the turnbuckle and the cut cable end.  
  7. Next take the turnbuckle down and attach the cable securely through one end using the rope clip.  
  8. Pull the cable up using the turnbuckle and attach it to the hook.  
  9. Tighten up the turnbuckle until the cable is tight.  
  10. Check that the anchors are secure, and then slide your curtain onto the cable.

In conclusion

Creating a stylish curtain room divider is a simple project that can be accomplished in a matter of hours using basic DIY skills.  Enjoy!

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