Kids' Party Hire Items You Should Not Miss

If you are planning on throwing your kid a party, it is important to know some of the most essential items to have. Most of them can be hired easily in Australia if only you know what to look for. Hiring ensures that you get the best equipment that is safe for the children to play with. You also want to hire to ensure that the children have as much fun as possible since it can be difficult handling restless or bored children.

Jumping Castles

Jumping castles are a staple party hire for children's parties. Children always seem content if there are bouncing castles where they can have fun. The castles available for party hire should be capable of supporting the weights of large numbers of children. The size you choose to hire depends on the number of kids you expect at the party.

Sand Pits

Sand pits can be an alternative to jumping castles, or you can choose to have both at the party. They are basically meant to allow kids to jump around in the sand. The sand should be free of any debris that may hurt the children. Additionally, there must be an adult supervising to ensure that the children do not get sand into their ears, eyes or noses.

Kiddie Rides

There are various items that fall under the ride category. They could be ponies, trains or cars meant to give the kids a ride during the party. There are various party hire companies that can help in setting up the rides. This ensures that safety considerations are taken into account.

Art and Craft Equipment

Art and craft activities can also prove to be fun for the children. Party hire consultants will advise you that not all children are into physical activities. As such, they may prefer drawing or undertaking other activities. You can hire art and craft equipment such as crayons, paints, brushes, canvases, and others for the party. These items can help to add diversity to your party.


While they are not necessarily equipment, they help to compliment the items you have already hired. You can divide the party into segments to include time where the kids play with the equipment and then another where they are entertained by the clown. Additionally, the clown can be a playmate of the children using the equipment. The party hire companies can help to convert your home and garden into a kiddie's party zone with the necessary equipment.

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