An Overview of 4 Kitchen Design Trends

Are you collecting ideas about possible kitchen design ideas that you can use for the new home that you plan to build? Read on and get some preliminary information that may help you to zero down your kitchen design options.

The Use of Reclaimed Wood

A kitchen that has been designed with a reclaimed wood theme gives that part of your home a feeling of timelessness. Reclaimed wood also complements metallic items used in the kitchen. Reclaimed wood may increase the appeal of your home to potential buyers who value environmental conservation. However, reclaimed wood is one of the most expensive materials that you can use. It is also difficult to clean because you need to use special cleaning agents to avoid degrading that wood.

The Use of Ceramic and Glass Surfaces

New technology has made ceramic and glass increasingly functional and beautiful. This has resulted into more people choosing these materials for their kitchens. Glass takes on a distinctive glow when hit by sunlight. This makes the kitchen to be very bright and inviting. It is now possible to make an entire countertop from a single piece of ceramic. This has removed many of the complaints that people used to have about ceramic being hard to clean, especially in the joints. The downside of ceramic is that it is available in a limited number of colours. The main disadvantage of glass is that it is not as durable as other materials (such as stone).

The Use of Hydraulic Lifts

Another trend that you can consider is to incorporate hydraulic lifts for different appliances within the kitchen. For instance, a drawer having a blender and a mixer can be lifted from under the countertop when you want to use those appliances. Such lifts can be controlled remotely. The lifts will help you to limit clutter as you use the kitchen.  One downside of those hydraulic lifts is that they can injure a distracted user who engages their controls.

The Use of Mixed Materials

Another way to design a unique kitchen is to mix contrasting materials. For instance, you can have countertops made from salvaged wood next to glass backsplashes. Another variation to this design theme is to use contrasting colours. An example is the use white and yellow for the storage cabinets. The downside of mixing materials is that you may have to use different cleaning agents for the different materials when tidying up after using the kitchen.

Discuss the ideas above with a kitchen designer before you pick one design idea that is appealing to you.

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