Why Pay More For A 3D CAD Residential Draft?

Erecting new buildings or related structures is among the best ways to ensure maximum the use of available space in the residential setting and to increase the market value of residential premises.

The use of 3-Dimensional Computer-Aided Design (CAD) technology has gained immense popularity with home builders, architects, designers and so on. Often times, homeowners have to dig deeper into their pockets for the services of construction specialists who use 3D CAD technology. Why is this so? Here are a few reasons.

Elimination Of Errors Beforehand

Among other reasons, 3D CAD technology is preferred for the fact that it allows for the easy identification of design flaws well in advance of building construction. This is because 3D residential designs allow the architect or designer to test tolerances and stress factors of the building even before its foundation is laid.

For example, 3D CAD software applications work in hand-in-hand with advanced design analysis tools that have the ability to simulate environmental factors (e.g., fluid flow) and the ability to measure vibrations in key structures of the building.  Simulation helps with the identification of design flaws that need to be corrected before actual construction begins.

As such, the use of 3D CAD technology is beneficial to the homeowner in the sense that it eliminates the possibility of design flaws that are expensive to correct once the building goes up.

Avoiding Misunderstandings

The use of 3D CAD technology can also help to avoid misunderstandings between the homeowner and the construction specialist. Misunderstandings and miscommunication are often responsible for serious structural errors on the building under construction.

Homeowners will often have a detailed mental picture of how the new building should look like. 3D CAD designs are often a physical manifestation of the homeowner's mental picture. The designs offer a homeowner the opportunity to share this mental picture with construction specialists. Consequently, chances that the home builder did not understand certain aspects of the building design are more or less eliminated, and so are the chances of resultant errors.

Estimation Of The Amount Of Required Building Materials

In conclusion, 3D CAD technology allows a homeowner to estimate required quantities of building materials for completion of the project.

There are several logistics software applications that can be used for this end. These applications analyze the dimensions of the structure(s) to be built as presented in the 3D CAD design in relation to the dimensions of building materials to be used. This analysis provides a rough estimate of the quantity of building materials that will be needed for the project.

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