3 Key Measurements When Designing Your Kitchen Island

A kitchen island is one of the most exciting things to introduce in a kitchen because it allows you to perform multiple tasks easily, while bringing the room to life with its aesthetic prowess. When working with your kitchen designer to plan the island in your cooking space, you will need to consider several factors like available area, moving space and storage. This guide will help you establish key measurements when designing your kitchen island.

Surrounding Area Around The Island Space

You naturally don't want your kitchen to feel like a traffic jam with poor movement space, so make sure you get proper measurements taken of the space surrounding the island. This should be the first thing to measure because it will help determine the size of the kitchen island when working with your kitchen designer. You will need to plan for enough space for people to walk through the island area without having to turn sideway even with fixed appliances and items fixed into it. To get a better sense of the space you need, it may be a good idea to visit a kitchen showroom that specialises in islands.

Space Behind Chairs

If your kitchen island is positioned in such a way that the seating area backs into a wall or a benchtop, then you will need to ensure that there is enough space for a diner to pull the chair back for standing up and sitting down without hitting the wall. Depending on the available space you have in your kitchen, you may also want to ensure adequate room for someone to walk behind the chair even when a person is seated. Your kitchen designer will be able to help you establish the right measurements based on your specific room space.

Height And Length Of The Kitchen Island

The height and length of your kitchen island will depend purely on your personal needs, especially if you're looking to customise the island to integrate your desired appliances and functionality. The height will depend on everyone using the island and whether you are planning to incorporate seating, while the length will depend on the available space, the appliances you integrate and the legroom you desire. Your kitchen designer will work with you to establish a comfortable height and length for the island, so you finally get something that resonates with your needs.

These key measurements are vital for planning your island along with your kitchen designer, so make sure you get them right for the perfect inclusion to your cooking space. 

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