3 Questions to Ask When Choosing Timber Plantation Shutters

Timber plantation shutters can be a great choice for both inside and outside your home. Interior shutters can give you privacy and control over the light that comes into your space, without cluttering up a room or look too dark and heavy, which can happen with over-sized drapes. Exterior shutters may protect your windows during storms and also offer an added layer of security against intruders who might try to break a window for entry.

When you're ready to choose timber plantation shutters for inside or outside your home, note a few questions to ask so you know you choose the right type.

1. Are they made from solid wood?

The reason you want to consider solid wood plantation shutters is that your wood shutters may need consistent sanding and repainting or a new stain job, so they always look their best. Wood veneers only have a thin face of real wood that is put over another material, which might be a type of plastic or other material that cannot so readily hold new paint or stain. Manufactured wood may also not hold up so well against the upkeep that will be needed for your plantation shutters. Ask if they're made from solid wood so you know you can sand them, fill them with a wood bonding agent if needed, and otherwise maintain them for years to come.

2. What about the bottom track?

For plantation shutters that work as a door wall, (meaning they are the entire height of a certain wall) you will need to add a bottom track. If you're getting new flooring as well as shutters, ask if the shutters should be installed before or after the flooring. It may be easier for your shutter installation company to work with your flooring contractor and have the track installed before the flooring, otherwise they may need to bolt the track into your new tiles, carpeting, or other surface. If you have the option, ask the shutter company which would work better so you are able to protect your new flooring as much as possible.

3. What security features are available for shutters?

If you want to ensure that your shutters work to keep out potential intruders, check on the security features offered. This should include a reinforced frame that cannot be easily kicked in or pried away from the home, stainless steel locks that can't be easily cut, and a thick deadbolt that keeps shutters in place. Don't assume that decorative shutters will necessarily be security shutters, so ask about these features when choosing an option specifically to keep your home secure.

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