Tips To Protect Your Café Blinds From Damage And Make Them Last Longer

Café blinds are great for the outdoors and have many benefits including UV protection, depending on the type of blinds you choose. However, the durability and beauty of your café blinds will be determined by how well you're able to protect them from damage. Below are key tips to help you maintain the quality and aesthetic appeal of your café blinds.

Avoid Fogginess

Café blinds can get foggy easily if kept under undesirable conditions, and this means that the clarity of your screens will be affected. Dirt that is left to cling onto the blinds for long is one of the main causes of fogginess. Insect and bird droppings, debris, leaves and sand tend to discolor or scratch the surface of the blinds.

To avoid deterioration of your blinds, make sure any dirt that sticks to the surface is cleaned as soon as possible. Also, make sure you let your blinds dry up completely. Moist conditions encourage the growth of molds on blinds, and the effect is worse in humid or wet atmospheric conditions.

Cleaning Café Blinds

Avoid using highly concentrated detergents to clean your café blinds. Also, detergents with alcohol or a high pH are discouraged as they easily damage the material. When preparing your cleaning detergent solution, it's advisable you mix one part detergent in 20 parts of water.

Also, use a brush that has soft bristles and ensure that there are no debris, sand or sharp objects stuck in the bristles. Inspect and wash your brush before use, and also dust off any particles and dirt on the café blinds before cleaning. After cleaning the blinds with the detergent solution rinse it with a low-pressure hose using cold water.

Café Blinds Usage

You should leave your café blinds rolled down, but only when the weather is still or not stormy, so as to maintain their vigor and shape for longer. Also, if the blinds have zippers, then keep them zipped up. Café blinds can also crease easily, especially when being folded. So, ensure you get assistance from another person if you cannot keep the surface straight by yourself.

It's not advisable to have your café blinds rolled down in stormy weather. Strong winds damage café blinds easily mainly because of the high pressure and back and forth movements. Inquire from your café blinds provider the amount of pressure your specific choice of blinds can withstand to avoid unnecessary damages.

Café blinds can last long and maintain their vigor if taken good care of. So, it's advisable you learn the do's and don'ts of handling café blinds so that you can to protect them from damage.

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