7 Tips to Prepare Your Home for Summer

Summer is a wonderful time for hanging out at home, but you need the right supplies and preparation to make the most of the sunshine. Carry out these chores before the sun starts beating down to get your home ready for summer.

1. Maintain Your Air Conditioner

Summer without air conditioning can be hot, sticky and unpleasant. Keep your system working well this summer by cleaning the filters to remove dirt and dust. Test your air conditioning system before the weather gets warm and book a service appointment with ACSIS Airconditioning Warehouse if it is not working as well as you expect.

2. Wash Your Windows

During winter, you may not notice dirty marks on your windows, but when the sun starts streaming through the glass it will show up every grubby fingerprint. Wash your windows with a mixture of equal parts hot water and distilled vinegar to remove streaks and smudges.

3. Protect Your Plants

Hot, dry weather can turn fertile soil into a desert. Lock the moisture into your soil by applying a layer of mulch to your flower beds. Along with keeping soil cool and moist, mulch also reduces weed growth. Top up the layer throughout the summer, taking care not to pack the mulch too closely around plant stems.

4. Clean Outdoor Furniture

Clean white plastic garden furniture with a solution of one gallon warm water mixed with three tablespoons of dishwashing detergent to clean and bleach the plastic. Remove canvas cushions and seat backs and wash them in the washing machine.

5. Prepare for Picnics

Picnics are an enjoyable way to spend a summer afternoon. However, having to search for supplies can be time-consuming and could lead to you missing out on hours of fun. Buy a large picnic basket and fill it with plastic plates, cutlery, a picnic blanket and a bottle of sunscreen so you are always ready for a picnic.

6. Clear Out Your Closet

Winter clothing is bulky and takes up a lot of space. Remove winter coats, boots, hats and scarves from your closet and pack them away in the attic, garage or in a storage unit. Use the extra space to spread out your summer clothes so they are easier to find -- or use it as an excuse for a summer shopping trip!

7. Fill the Freezer

During summer, there is nothing more refreshing than a frozen dessert. Take the chance to throw away frozen food that has passed its best before date and restock your freezer with tasty summer treats.

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