Features You Don't Want to Overlook When Having a New Home Built

If you're having a new home built, you want to ensure you take the time to get every detail right. After all, your home is probably your biggest investment, and you'll want to be happy with it for years to come, perhaps even for the rest of your life! Note a few features you don't want to overlook when having a new home built so you know the space will work for you for as long as you live in that home.

Flexible space

Some homeowners today prefer flexibility with certain rooms of the home, so the space can easily change as their family changes, or as their own needs change over time. For example, a sitting room off the master bedroom might be built with shelves and other storage so it can easily become a nursery if needed. You might also include a full door that closes between that room and the bedroom and not just an open doorway so the space can be used as an office in the future.

A sliding door to a den off the dining room can mean being able to open it up for guests during large holiday dinners, and the two spaces flow together. Consider if you may need this type of flexibility with your space and ensure you're including sliding doors, an open floor plan, and lots of storage where needed.

Accessible storage

You shouldn't need to always pull out all the pots and pans or other items in a cabinet to find something in the back. A homebuilder can usually incorporate accessible storage in the home, including sliding racks in lower cabinets so you can simply slide them out and reach everything inside, built-in rotating trays in upper cabinets so nothing gets lost in the back of the cabinet, and cabinets with storage racks attached to the inside of the doors for easily finding those smaller items that can otherwise get lost in a crowded cabinet.

A mudroom

You may be thinking about how grand your home will look when you first walk through the door, but keep in mind that the entryway won't look so nice with shoes, books, coats, backpacks, dog leashes, and other such items cluttering up the space. Have your homebuilder create a mudroom in the back or side of the home for the family, and if this isn't going to work for your home, be sure the front entryway has closed-off storage space for all those items that can get in the way and otherwise detract from the look of your entrance.

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