Kitchen Design Ideas: How to Coordinate Your Kitchen Splashbacks and Countertops

A kitchen renovation or design project is an opportunity to get creative with materials, colors, and textures to create an appealing interior. Elements such as your splashbacks and countertops play a significant role in the appearance of the kitchen. Although these elements don't have to match, they should coordinate and blend with each other and the rest of the fixtures in your kitchen. Read on for some valuable tips on how you can coordinate your splashbacks and countertops to bring out a visually-appealing kitchen.

Use similar materials

Using the same material for your splashbacks and countertops creates a continuous flow that will give your kitchen a smooth, coordinated, and well-balanced appearance. This option is especially suitable for homeowners who are laid back about getting explorative with materials and design. Consider using different designs, colors, or textures on the two fixtures to give them a distinct look.

You can go for go for tile-designed splashbacks and plain countertops to break the material up a little. Also, splashback colors such as grey, brown, cream, or beige blend seamlessly with neutral whites and blacks for the countertops. 

Contrast the materials

Contrasting materials and textures can give your kitchen a dramatic look and feel. However, before going into this, observe the designs, colors, and textures in other kitchen elements such as the flooring, cabinets, and appliances to ensure that they do not clash with the countertops and splashbacks. Work around this color scheme and design to come up with countertops and splashbacks that complement or blend with it.

For instance, if you choose a bold color for the flashbacks, give the countertops a neutral color with a simply-textured material. You can also go for textured glass flashbacks with bold-colored granite countertops that complement the other design elements in the kitchen.

Choose one fixture first

It is possible to be overwhelmed by the numerous designs, colors, and textures on the market today. If this happens, choose the countertops or splashbacks first and work with the design you have chosen to select the other fixture. In fact, doing this will help you narrow down your options as opposed to if you went shopping for the two at once.

For example, if you choose a countertop design, texture, or color that's quite prominent, you can narrow down your splashback options to simple and neutral textured designs. This will make your kitchen look less busy and attractive.

Coordinating countertops and flashbacks in the kitchen requires some experience and expertise in design elements. Consider hiring the services of a professional interior designer if you're stuck to ensure that you come up with a design that complements the rest of your kitchen fixtures.

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