Make Your Smart Home Hack-Proof With These Measures

The greatest concern of homes with smart security features is dealing with hackers. However, hacking a smart home is not as easy as it's portrayed in the movies. However, this does not mean that a determined hacker cannot hack into your devices and gain access to the surveillance cameras, smart alarms, and other wireless security features in your home. The good news is that there are measures that you can take to protect your home from hackers and prevent burglary.

Secure your home's router

The router is the gadget that's connected to all your phones, computers, and tablets. By hacking your router, someone can access your smart devices and control them remotely without your knowledge. Learn about the security features of your router and activate them if any. Also, ensure that the password you are using is not the one that came with the gadget. Replace it with a strong and hard-to-guess password. You can even change it every few months for better security.

Update device software

Old device software may contain some vulnerabilities and bugs which can be used by hackers against you to access your smart devices. One of the main reasons that developers update software is to fix vulnerabilities and improve security and performance. Ensure that the devices' software in your home is up to date. You can do this by setting the automatic update feature in case you forget. You can also install security software to deter hackers.

Watch your physical security

Many people are so occupied with the hacking issues that they forget to reinforce their physical security. Remember, smart security is useless without physical security to back it up. In this light, ensure that you have quality locks on your exterior doors. Whether smart or conventional, the locks should be burglar-deterrent. Deadbolt locks are among the best types of locks out there. Coupled with a sturdy door, these locks will offer the highest level of protection to your home.

In addition to door locks, remember to reinforce your windows with quality security screens to ensure that they do not act as the vulnerable point of entry for burglars. With proper physical security, even the burglars will not stand a chance at breaking into your home.

By observing these tips, you can make your smart home immune to hackers and burglars. Contact a locksmith if you need to install quality door locks or upgrade your smart locks, alarms, and other features that will increase the security of your home and make it burglar-proof.

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